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inbani: New Fluent project in Holland
New Fluent project!
House in Den Haag
Being part of a new project is always very exciting, today we want to take this opportunity to share this fascinating experience with you. This time we are talking about a unique house, located in the Dutch town of Den Haag. Just behind the town hall you can find a beautiful house that today we are going to explore with you.
In the heart of this enchanting Dutch City, we found a spectacular house whose interiors have were designed by Angelika Barzilay from Barzileye Concept & Design, she transformed this space into a refined and modern home.

In one of the bathroom she decided to play with the geometric shapes of the Fluent collection. She used a lacquered suspended unit with a top and intergrated sink.

As you know the Fluent collection owes its name thanks to its geometric fluency and the way it flows from one shape to another: from a circle to a square, from thick to thin and the elegance of its shapes. This collection allows this bathroom to have its own unique signature feeling. It is the perfect collection for classical, modern or contemporary interiors due to its capacity to adapt to any space.

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