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New project in Barcelona, Hotel Colón

The unique and beautiful views of the Barcelona Cathedral
is one of many highlights of staying at the Hotel Colón.

Here at Inbani, we love being a part of projects such as this one,
so today we share with you what is behind closed doors of the breathtaking hotel.

The building itself dates back to the 1951 and has kept its original beauty and incomparable style throughout the years and renovations.

The Hotel is situated in an unparalleled location, right in the center of the historic area of Barcelona that is famous for its monuments and artistic traits.
The 129 rooms are decorated in such a way that every detail is thought out and planned.

The clients have the option of choosing between two types of decoration for their: Classic or Design, depending on the style that corresponds to them the most.
The countertops below are made of Solidsurface and are designed from our Strato collection with integrated H2 sinks that fit perfectly into this environment, creating a combination of integration and functionality.
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